Video is the way to display and inform on websites and WDD do not fail you in delivering this great new option to you. It is said a picture says a thousand words, a movie does even more to help your Search Engine rankings, even more to help your website users and even more to show your customers that you are a professional and that best still your business is right on top of the latest innovations in design. Now Website Design takes on a new demonstrate. How great is it to be able to demonstrate what you do, even show your customers ‘how’ to do. Video is also an ideal way to give something back to your web site users, for example and using an Artist as an example, showing how they create.
Video Video is an ideal way to show a subject to a potential customer or to give advice, for example - a mechanic demonstrating how to check their tyres, an artist showing how they create, a rock band showing how they rock.....what can you show your users?
Slide Show Slide shows are also available as an ideal and cost effective method of information and demonstration, with options shown here in both the resizeable and non- resizeable options.
This slide show is both resizeable and reversible.
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WebsiteDesignDeals offer you up to a 5 minute embedded video option, including editing, Titles and Credits. You take the video using a digital camcorder or phone and we will do the technical magic needed to make your video a success. When taking any video please use the highest setting on your device to best show your subject and where possible use the video format of .avi It is important to keep your videos small, that’s why we have a 5 minute cap, 5 minutes being the average time to hold a users attention, larger videos can be accommodated, just ask. Slide shows offer a great alternative to a video but are by no means second best, offering the user a way to interact with our website is genius, it holds the attention, is memorable and very informative. Video has its place but not everyone has the confidence, the know how or the equipment to produce, slide-shows are the affordable alternative and prove most popular.
This slide show is neither resizeable or reversible.

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