The answer to this question is purely up to you. Ask your self how often you may have to, or wish to upgrade your website. Think of the user experience, keep it fresh and remember that ‘Content is King’. Keeping your website up-to-date with fresh content is Key to encouraging ‘returning customers’ and stops your website from becoming boring and stagnant. A well designed website that is continually updated is deemed to be of more value by the search engines. Where they find a site to be of good quality design, informative, fresh and of value to others, those search engines will reward that website with better rankings in search results. Our Maintenance Contract options afford you the best opportunity at reasonable, affordable and competitive prices to keep your website updated and ahead of the competition and provide your clients with a fresh and interesting user experience. Content changes to Blogs or CMS options are not included as part of a maintenance contract as by definition these options are created for the client to make their own changes. WEBSITES THAT INCORPORATE AN ECOMMERCE SOLUTION REQUIRE AT A MINIMUM A ‘STANDARD’ MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT WITH WDD (CAN BE PAID ANNUALLY)

Is a maintenance package essential?

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