availability calender

Are you in the Hospitality trade, an availability calender

is a must have

For your convenience, each Calender is updated by You, on Your pc or compatible device, any events created or amended then seen by your customers on your Website.
The Example calender above is a Google Calender*, this calender type is readily available to most mobile devices. As well as creating you can amend your calender on the go. This versatile calender is our most affordable option and is ideal for indicating to your website visitors when, for example, your B&B is available, your Hotel Conference Room is booked and more. Multiple calenders are even possible. As well as our Google Calender option we can make available to you other calender types, we may also be able to embed your existing calender,  contact us with your requirements and we will be glad to quote you.
only 99*

availability calender

Can you do without one for your Bed & Breakfast?

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